Reclaiming the Center

Reclaiming the Center is an adult educational initiative that reveals and explores not only what the Jewish and Christian traditions share, but what is distinctive or particular about each religion. 

Through text study, lecture, and small group discussion, RTC participants learn to understand and celebrate those distinctions. Reclaiming the Center reframes the conversation and challenges us to engage with the wisdom of our religious traditions in light of contemporary life.

2014 Study Tour

Reclaiming the Center: Interfaith Study Tour
May 15-28, 2014

About the tour: Participants joined Rosann M. Catalano, Ph.D. and Rabbi Ilyse Kramer for a twelve-day interfaith study tour to Israel and the Palestinian Territories as part of the Reclaiming the Center educational initiative sponsored by the Institute for Christian & Jewish Studies.

Read first hand accounts from participants, Jean Suda and Susan B. Hellerman, and instructors, Rabbi Ilyse S. Kramer and Dr. Rosann M. Catalano

The tour featured study and discussion of texts sacred to Jews and Christians, lectures on Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, visits to holy sites, and meetings with a broad range of individuals and groups involved in interfaith dialogue in this region. The primary geographical focus took participants to the Galilee and to Jerusalem, centers of the emergence of Rabbinic Judaism and Christianity in the first century of the Common Era. East and West Jerusalem, the West Bank, the Palestinian Territories, and Tel Aviv focused on the contemporary complexities and challenges of this region.

Abrams Travel provided trip guidance and details for the entire study tour; tour guides provided insight into the political, economic, and historical forces that shape the competing narratives of the Abrahamic traditions; Dr. Catalano and Rabbi Kramer facilitated text study and discussion.